The only boiler with revenue

Biomass powered boiler with 120 kW heat + 6 kW electricity.

The advantages of WAVE boiler

Return of investment

Thanks to electricity generation have WAVE greater return of investment than any other biomass source. Other boilers just spending money to work.

Off grid solution

WAVE can be equipped with a battery storage and then it doesn´t need any electricity grid for operation. You can have fully automated solution for heating a basic electricity demand anywhere.

Simple instalation

WAVE consists of two containers – one is the technology itself, the other is fuel management. The containers will be delivered to you already fully installed and functional. Just stand on the ground and connect to water and electricity.


WAVE is connected to remote support 24/7. So we know most of the problems before they affect the boiler operation. Either we solve them online or arrange a service technician’s trip as soon as possible.

CO2 negative

Unlike other boilers, we produce electricity, our boiler does not produce any carbon dioxide. More, we consume it. You would have to buy the electricity produced from the grid without WAVE, and most of electricity is still produced in the coal-fired power plants.

Cheapest operation

The WAVE boiler is also able to use very low-quality fuel with humidity up to 40%. From it, on the contrary, we produce the most expensive energy – electricity and heat with high overall efficiency.


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Mikolajice municipality

“We have installed the WAVE power plant in our village since 2016. Except some small issues during the first starts, we run continuously all the heating season. Thanks to WAVE we don´t need any operator of the boiler room.

(Martin Krupa, mayor)

LINK to the municipality sites

University centre, CTU

We test prototypes of WAVE power plant in real operation here. Currently, we are finishing a prototype of combustion chambre for burning wastes and the system of WAVE operation without connection to the electric grid (off-grid).



Waste water treatment plant Písek

Modified version of WAVE, which is able to use waste heat from the treatment of sewage sludge. The produced electricity is used directly for operation, the heat is used by the dryer.


Thermal Trend

Modification of our technology, which uses waste heat from brazing furnaces to produce electricity.